high torque, coreless motor, titanium & aluminum digital servo with minimized backlash for use in RC airplane wings


This high torque servo is great for crawlers, 1/8 scale vehicles, 50 class airplanes and model paragliders.


for Savox SH-1350/SH-1357/SH-1250MG/SH-1257MG/SC-1267MG/SC-1268MG also for  Para-RC Servo


High quality servo, standard size with metal gear.


- for Savöx / Para RC  Servos - for Servos with 25 Tooth drive



Standard servo made of solid aluminum with 70.55 lb. (32 kg) pulling load at 7.4 volts and a regulating time…


Standard servo made of full aluminum with 48.5 lbs (22 kg) pulling load at 7.4 volts and a regulating time…


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