Hacker A60 motor models

A60-5XS V4 28-Pole kv420

Item no.: 33726633


A60-7XS V4 28-Pole kv330

Item no.: 33726636


A60-5S V4 28-Pole kv295

Item no.: 33726632


A60-8S V4 28-Pole kv188

Item no.: 33726637


A60-16 M V4 kv215

Item no.: 33726627


A60-14 L V4 kv192

Item no.: 33726625


A60-20 M V4 kv170

Item no.: 33726631


A60-18 M V4 kv190

Item no.: 33726630


A60 - Aluminum Motor Mount - Complete Set


A60-18L V4 kv149

Item no.: 33726629


A60-16L V4 kv168

Item no.: 33726626


A60-7S V4 28-Pole kv215

Item no.: 33726635


A60-6XS V4 28-Pole kv370

Item no.: 33726634


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