MEZON Pro with BEC

The Hacker/Jeti Mezon Pro Series

Description and Features

A very powerful controller for a wide variety of applications. With strong BEC or optocoupler, full Jeti Duplex-EX telemetry and programmability of the JETI Duplex DS / DC transmitters via the device manager.  All programming steps in German/English and in plain text.

Even forward / reverse operation of the motor is possible with this controller. In addition, the throttle channel can optionally also be used from the “EX bus” of the receiver.  A separate slot for a throttle channel is thus superfluous, telemetry and control signals via a single cable to the receiver.

They are also idea for high-RPM concepts.  The maximum RPM with 290000 to 300000 electrical revolutions with a 2-pole motor corresponds up to 60000 RPM with a 10-pole outrunner.

Item no.: <span class="text">11009050</span>


Item no.: <span class="text">11009080</span>


Item no.: <span class="text">11039040</span>


Item no.: <span class="text">11039070</span>


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