B40 Competition

A completely new outer housing design offers ideal heat dissipation with the same low weight thanks to the milled cooling grooves. In addition, an internal fan ensures cooling in the most effective way. The running noise is reduced to a minimum by the asymmetric air outlet holes.

This design is already being used successfully in the Hacker C50-Competition series. The front and rear end shields are screwed together. A very high level of efficiency is achieved with a new, segmented high-performance rotor made from optimized magnetic material. The B40-Competition is equipped with larger ball bearings than the normal Hacker B40.

This significantly reduces friction and improves service life. In addition, a larger shaft with a diameter of 5mm prevents vibrations at extreme speeds. In the case of the geared motor variants, the shaft is already equipped with an integrated pinion. The increased power output of the B40 Competition engines is guaranteed by a strong gearbox with a 6mm output shaft.


Item no.: 10090902


Item no.: 10090903


Item no.: 10090904


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