My name is Thomas Stahlwitz, I am 47 years old, a mechanical engineer by profession, and have been building models ever since I was a young boy.

My family and I emigrated from Germany to America (Michigan) in 2018.

I have known the Hacker Motor company since the beginning of 2000. Over the years, many friendships have developed with the employees, as they were often at the same events as I, and we enjoyed many an evening party at the airfield together.

The idea of selling Hacker products in the USA came up  when my friends at Hacker found out that I was emigrating to the USA. I thought it was an excellent idea and a few weeks ago, the head of sales asked me if I was still interested.

So, we immediately started building this online shop.

Our goal was for the website is for it to look as similar as possible to the German Hacker Motor online-shop, so that long-time customers of Hacker Germany in North- and South America would still feel at home. Another goal for our online shop is to offer almost the exact same products as the German site, but that will take some time while we are building up stock.

We also offer a repair service, which means that you no longer have to send defective products to Germany, which only costs time and money. I’m also available for advising my customers on which products are best for their needs.

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Motor Service

Whether you require specific information about a certain product, or have a motor that needs inspection or repair, visit our motor service page.

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In the Hacker Motor Wiki you will find operating instructions, technical data, and other important information about our products.

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